Future of the AK market?


How do you see things going for the AK market in the next 5-10 years assuming there are no more bans? Do you see the AK making a comeback to where it was?


Im not sure what to think of this


The ak market fluctuates a lot with the political climates around the world
Unlike American made weapons there are huge issues to tackle just getting imported rifles into the country
Witch also makes the price ballon
They are also subject to 922r laws witch must be met before the end user can take possession of a imported rifle
American companies have been trying to make a akm rifle that’s up to par but so far no one has been able too
Cheap cast parts and Improper heat treating have been the main culprits
Psa makes a half decent one but it’s intended for the shooter who goes to the range 3-4 times a year not a serious user
There is some hope though
Kalashnikov USA is here and working on getting a rifle out to the market they are a Kalashnikov concern sub company based in Florida they have all the same tooling that they have in Russia
And as always there the law of supply and demand
Demand is way higher right now so retailers are cashing in


Whats the deal with those Israeli AKs being made for the U.S. market?


Are you speaking about the alpha


I posted an article right below my original post in this thread. Those look cool though


I wasn’t really aware that caa was going to send rifles here
Traditionally they have made ak parts for sale here in the us but I was unaware they were sending rifles here

The alpha is a 3rd gen ak offering
All the modularity of a scar with a ak operating system under the hood


Ive never even heard of the Alpha before.


IMO, the AK market is going to boom over the next few years. The AR market seems to have hit its limit. So you should see a lot of new after market products for the AK.


The alpha is basically a akm with new skin
Kalashnikov USA has been saying for a few yeats they are coming to market with them
They have had them at shot show for the last few years in a glass case
Last year was the first year they let people handle them
It felt good to me but it was also a bit strange for me felt like to much plastic imo
I’m not sure if anyone has tested them yet


Hopefully, the more semi auto rifles out there the harder it is to ban them or get rid of them.


There’s a lot out there already if you dig a bit
Companies like Troy are making akm accessories and rails now as well


Looks neat. The israeli AKs and these should really open up the market.


Nice AK, I had a Saiga about a decade ago. Too bad they are not still around for $300.

Started a new project today

Thats crazy, Saiga AKs for $800, Colt ARs for $700…I would not have pictured this 10 years ago.


Now there’s a crew that’ll build good weapons.


I want one…


Which one? Or do you mean all of them?


The new ALPHA


Good luck