Future of the AK market?


When they become available, we can get one. We can get weird stuff…


Hopefully you can get the alien pistol, I want see a legit review.


There will always be a place for them.


A place for what ?


It’s the most fielded battle rifle in the history of war
It has earned its place


Exactly, I am not against you on this one, what i meant is it will never go out of popularity as it will always have its place.


Very true


There is a huge market out there
More retailers should carry ak based products
But they don’t do online retailers make all that cash


Hopefully when the AK market pick up we will see some domestic 5.45x39mm


In all honesty I doubt it
There is only one us producer making it (Hornady ) and there using Russian casing and primers
The 5.45 market was getting big then the 7n6 ban comes along
A lot of people in the ak world went crazy and dumped there 74 rifles
I had a few and only kept one
But I’m deep into 7.62 and was way before I got into 5.45


Are you still having questions about Arsenal scope mount rails ?



It’s finny we were just talking about this
These just went up like 20 min ago at classic
The price is steep


I honestly think that current AK market sucks for average Joe…$1500 on average is becoming common norm for little higher quality AKs - that’s not really good to grow the hobby, especially if AR prices are bottoming down now…even AR10 prices are much more attractive than what is currently happening on AK market.
Very limited selection of rifles isn’t helping AK world in USA either…I’m not sure where we are all going with this, but those who were pushing $2k price norm for AK, better be careful what they are wishing for…


I agree with you
There are way to many dealers wanting outrageous money for a rifle that doesn’t cost that much
I watched a sgl-31-94 sell for 6400 on gun broker a few weeks ago
That’s insane


Yep, if this will continue to go that way, then AK will be exclusively “collectors” item…which isn’t really good for “trigger pullers”…


I think that when we see prices moving to this point, it is simply a matter of time until manufacturers and or importers see dollar signs and begin producing and or importing like crazy.
My thoughts are that we will likely see a huge increase in supply in the very near future.

I bought my first SAR-1 for $285 back around Y2K…in the current market, I can sell it locally for $800 in a matter of hours…more if I want to wait longer.
No lack of demand for a quality AK.


I honestly don’t see “average Joe” spending $1500 on AK…but maybe I’m wrong…


Did you happen to handle any of Kalashnikov USA rifles this year at shot show ?


Nope, i wasn’t at the shot show this year…


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