Future of the AK market?


These adverts are from a shotgun news in 1989


Oh God you are so right on that. We stocked a lot of AK parts for a few years. This is what we found… AK owners look for the cheapest parts, screw quality.
We would stock cheap, expensive, and Mil spec… and someone would come in and tell me to my face they can get it for $2.00 cheaper on line with free shipping.
To that, I would say “yeah, but it is here now and you do not have to wait…”
The response back?
“I do not need it that bad”
So besides for Arsenal… I no longer bother with AKs at the shop. We will order what anyone wants… but that’s it.


It’s a common occurrence I make the owner of our shop stock some things like brakes and decent rails m4 stock adapters retaining plates trigger groups just some basic things
The keyboard commandos come in and try to make deals that are absolutely ridiculous sometimes thinking that there’s not someone there that knows parts pricing
What they don’t understand is that your providing a service for them and that the shop has overhead that needs to be covered let alone paying the distributor for the parts themselves
I generally try to be nice to them because there ignorant and tell them if they can get a better price online to do it
And I wait for there dumbasses to come back to the shop want installation work and those guys don’t get cut a break they pay the 90 dollar a hour labor fee


What do you guys think of an AK chambered for more modern rounds? Not that 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 doesn’t have a place in die hard fans, but other chamberings might be cool too.


They are chambered in whatever you want
What caliber were you thinking ?


The list of akm in diffrent caliber is deep
6.5 Grendel
There’s really isn’t very many other rifles that come chambered in this selection of rounds


More like compete with the 5.56, Russia and the U.S. just like to compete.


This is correct
The politbureau felt that they needed to match this new round that the us was fielding in Vietnam
Kalashnikov did not want the 5.45 round and was against it till he passed
He had no choice but to scale down the rifles to accept this cartridge
He wanted to modernize 7.62 and keep the .30 caliber power and add the lethality of 5.45


Are you the infamous akpete ?


I like the accuracy 5.45, its an impressive round.


Are you a member of the ak files them ?


It was designed to match the 5.56 in most characteristics
They are similar except for the wound cavities that it causes and the hydro shock that it has
Not much diffrent other than the shape and size of the projectile


And you are who there ?


I understand I have moderated my responses here as well
This is not the files by no stretch



No it’s one of the reasons I moderate myself in ways
The files can be a harsh place
So harsh in fact that we had a basement called dumping brass that we were allowed to go at each other within reason
Recently the site owner shit it down and we all have to behave
There’s a lot of butt hurt because we can’t have as much fun


Makes sense, look at what the general discussion did to ARF.com, Ruined the place for alot of people. Alot of forums have a free for all area, its a matter of limiting access to prevent noobs from wandering in there.


At the files you have to post 100 times before you have access to that forum as well as the marketplace


I am a memeber at falfiles as wel
It’s pretty tame compared to its sister forum
Both are chock full of knowledge on all kinds of firearms
Bit for some reason the gd discussions as well as the political discussions work well
Of course there is hardasses everywhere but in the end we are a real brotherhood
We built a rifle for a down on the outs member for nothing other than brotherhood
Then he pissed on us and traded it away for a pistol
The repercussions for him were real
He was banned from every forum that he participated in once the word for out


One thing is sure, those prices aren’t coming back. Period.
As far as pricing goes, I honestly feel sorry for new guys coming in to the hobby. It’s rather hard to be “AK guy” these days…we will see how this is going to shake out in the long run, but I know for sure, in order to grow this hobby, we need to have reliable, entry level AK priced below $1k. Otherwise, people will look somewhere else, because at current prices, there are plenty of fun choices to spend money on…