Future of the AK market?


Do you see Kalashnikov USA being able to get prices down a bit? They are going to be offering their base guns at $750ish. ,right?


I don’t see Kalashnikov USA making any AKs at all. Last time I checked, news broke about them being under the federal investigation for collaboration with Russian Kalashnikov - that was March. Since then, nothing…


I hadn’t heard about this
That’s just a shame
I would think there rifles probability would have landed right in the 900-1000 range
You are correct when you said they are pricing people out of the Akm world


Just got one of the Romanian underfolders from Atlantic Firearms, along with a used Romanian furniture set (reverse dong). Things like this are looking increasingly scarce, so I figured it was now or never. Also picked up almost certainly the last bakelite mags I’ll ever buy–rarer and more expensive by the day.


Blaine at Atlantic is great
The underfolders are definitely stariting to dry up
I don’t have one either I’ve thought about it though

This just a damn shame


I’m not trying to make you jealous. I’m trying to encourage you to get one while the getting is good!!!

Get one!!! Hell I want another!



Common, common! Do it! Do it!!!


I already told you what I spent my money on


I forgot about that… you get it yet? Does the ups guy hate you?


He did
My old lady got home that day before I did and she tripped out lol


I honestly think I’m gonna wait on the psa 5.56 ak to drop
Supposedly it will be available in February per josh at psa
I’ll pribably wait a bit for reviews and blemish mode to come

I’m probably going to stop shooting 7.62


Ok I will buy all of your 7.62x39!

Why are you going with 5.56?


I’m not selling
I’m just not gonna shoot it anymore really
5.56 will always be available


I know that I’m just giving you sh:t.


I know brother


I spent my gun cash on something else


I have been saying this for years. Every Tom,Dick and Hary has an AR. Now that the new hipster gun is the AK. We will see some more people get into building for sure. We might also see more people begin to manufacture them as well.
There are already dozens of mom and pops that build kits for people, but the next phase is going to be mix masters. Virgin kits being built. Both American made and foreign.
My only dislike in this situation is that people tend to gravitate to what everyone else is buying. Pander bears and snake oil salesmen will prey on this new class of uninformed gun owners.


I’d rather have a FAL.


The Ak guys might have to run to them to get away from the hipsters lol.


I would like to see this happen. More guns is a good thing.