Future of the AK market?


Sometimes, more guns is just a “What the hell did you buy NOW?” thing. Managed to snag a Romanian RPK to go with my Romanian WASR. Being made in Transylvania, I was told they both have increased stopping power against vampires and werewolves.


I never considered that, does that mean Russian Kalashnikovs are good for killing commies?


A Dracula themed Wasr would be pretty frickin cool. Lol



Challenge accepted! I think I’ll start by naming the RPK “Vlad.” :bat:


I wonder if those rifles are sold back to a allied country, or if they’re destroyed.


Destroyed most likely
There sitting in a ship in port rusting


Dang. Would have made quite the build kits.


Yes, it’s me. Thanks for being with us man!!!


Buy a Galil Ace in 7.62 X 39 or 7.62 NATO right now at Classic Firearms for $999.99.

I don’t know how many they have, but I know they now have one less than they did about five minutes ago.

Almost a 50% discount. Going . . . going . . .


I would, but I just bought that AK.


I hope some people were able to score on those 1k ACE



Suggested to purchase with it:
Return spring assembly (w rear buffer and buffer washer; $50), bolt parts kit ($50), IWI/Savvy Sniper sling ($65), 308 mag loader ($30), Lancer L7 25-round 308 Advanced Warfighter magazines ($44 each), 10” Midwest Industries M-LOK handrail MIGA308R ($180), Magpul bipod ($130), optic/mount.


Someone better post pics when they get it.


I should clarify what I said. When I stated I bought that AK I meant this one.


Beautiful looking furniture!


RESTOCKED! Classic Firearms has more of the Galil Ace in 7.62 X 39 for $999.99. If you missed out before, one more chance.