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Hi everyone,

I’m Mike and I hail from Eastern Idaho. I’m formerly of British Columbia, Canada but had enough of the communist state of Canada and decided to move to the USA a few years ago.
I’m the owner and one of two instructors at our company where we primarily teach long range shooting. I’ve been teaching since 2011, reviewing, and testing long range gear, and I worked in Law Enforcement for 13 years at the most violent prison in Canada, which is probably like a high medium in California. lol
I’ve taught around 48 students in the past year or so with all reaching at least a thousand yards on our 66% ipsc targets and some as far as 2000 yards on the 66% IPSC targets.
I love what I do and still can’t believe this is my work now.


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Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here. From this thread, it seems Canadians can shoot long distances pretty well.


welcome, sorry to hear that you left canuckastan.


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