Gab social media

They’re having huge problems. The CEO posted that they have 4 more servers on order, but right now it takes close to forever for a request to be processed.

If you plan on joining you might want to wait a few days.

FWIW, there was also a post stating that every time they make things right they get inundated again and are set right back to where they were. It wasn’t a complaint, just an explanation that came with a “Isn’t it great to have such problems?”, sort of thought. They are loving their growth. :smiley: Probably privately thanking facetwit for being such nazis so that they feeding their growth.

edit: I expect the left to put restrictions on previously free speech. Basically I expect the nazis to fully show themselves for what they are.


I never had any social media accounts other than a few gun forums, but I have a Gab account. A few days ago they said membership had gone up 120% in 48 hours. They seem to be pretty straight up, ask for no personal info, use a proton mail account to sign up if you are really looking to stay under the radar, They really do offer free speech and have some really good videos.