Garden omelet


Had some garden produce to use up and wasn’t in the mood to cook a major meal so went to one of my old standby quick meals

Ear of sweet corn, cut kernels off the cob
Small tomato
Chives chopped
Small hot chili pepper chopped(seeded if you want less heat)
basil chopped
3 eggs beaten
6-8 strips of thick cut bacon cut in bite sized pieces, fried off, reserve the fat
Extra sharp white cheddar(or cheese of choice, I love cheddar!) cut in slice to cover the surface of your egg pan

In a tablespoon of the bacon fat saute the corn until tender, add the chives, chili pepper, basil, and tomato and saute another minute or so until the herbs are fragrant. Remove form pan and reserve in a bowl.

Add a little more of the bacon fat and start cooking your eggs, left edges and tilt pan to keep the egg cooking. When mostly done I toss under the broiler to finish cooking because I detest runny egg white. When set add your veggie filling, the cooked off bacon then cover with cheese and toss under the broiler until the cheese is melted.


That looks amazing! Forgot my lunch on the table when I left for the office today, so this is particularly torturous lol