The plan today, keep deer out of the garden

We started this with intent to do raised mounds, since then we think we may actually build
wooden boxes, perhaps use this as the start of a greenhouse


Our dogs keep the deer out of the garden. They catch and eat deer when they have a mind to.


Great looking land @Robert. The spring transformation must be beautiful!


Well… so far the only transformation is the snow finally melted and the mud has largely dried

we hit 40* today so that was awesome :frowning:

But, we plan to make the best of it, no work anywhere and plenty here so…

giddy up :cowboy_hat_face:


I have a cure for that, it’s called an SKS, works really well at eliminating that problem and producing raw materials for venison steaks and jerky.


Hi, I just found this thread while browsing online :slight_smile:
I wanna ask about my garden.
We just moved into a new home, which has an automatic sprinkler system like this. I’m afraid it is ruining my veggie garden! Some background: this is my first “official” vegetable garden - I usually just tuck some veggies in with my flowers. So I feel very much like a newbie.

I didn’t even think about the water issue when I put the veggie garden in. I don’t have pools of water or anything, but my peppers are looking pale, straggly & a bit yellow - the same with the tomatoes. The few peppers that I put into my flower garden (this garden is not watered by the sprinklers and I planted these peppers at the same time as the others) are looking great - growing well and green.

Is there any way to improve the drainage/salvage my garden?


We transplanted 3 peppers that were getting wet feet. 2 died the 3rd is doing well. Gonna try the Epsom salt trick of yours next time.


Getting kinda late now but transplanting may help. Our garden was to much shade. Peppers, tomatoes did way better in large pots out in the sun. Also for next year raised beds may help (wooden boxes) added expense but again improved our small plot.