Gear that doesn’t break the bank!


I like many of you guy’s am not rich. In fact some weeks get very tight, so I know all of us are interested in shooting! In the spirit of shooting I also understand that on the parabolic arc of the evolution of shooters training or run and gun is fun and requires gear. Here is a short list of stuff you may not have yet and that won’t break the bank!

To start with I recommend gloves “especially for our AK runners out there”
I recommend mechanic gloves for money savers. All this gear is 3-4 years old:

The next thing I recommend is knee and elbow pads. If your hitting the dirt, the dirt has rocks and finding them the hard way sucks! I recommend ALTA! They are Cheap and take a beating:

Next a chest rig is nice to have. If your running and gunning you will inevitably be running away from your range bag! For a cheap one that gets the job done I recommend condor.

All of this stuff can be found with ease on amazon!
One more point I want to bring up. Winter or summer “I recommend training in both” grab some electrical tape and number your mags. When you drop them you can easily find them again!

Have fun and be safe!

Are you ready for Civil War v2.0?

I dont use elbow pads but knee pads are a lifesaver if you like carbine courses or shooting in akward positions. I use Mechanix m-pact gloves , I love them. Got any recommendations for a low pro chest rig? I have one from gsdsden dynamics but im wanting one that has molle webbing (or whatever its called). Seems everything is geared towards packing alot instead of keeping a low profile.


Well you know me joe I whole heartedly trust S.O.E and their micro rigs.

They have a large map pocket, med pocket. They hold 4 AR, AK,etc mags.
For molle gear I would recommend tactical tailor:

This one is set up for AR-10, and has clips in the center so I can lay prone in comfort.


Any chance uou can take a pic of that soe rig from the side? So I can get an idea of how bulky/thick it is?


Yes I can Brother.



Awesome, thanks. Might have to pick one up selecting the right gear costs more than buying guns lol


Unfortunately yes. But you do have cheaper options hence this thread.
S.O.E gear is heirloom quality- you can pass it down to your kids.


Shoot, ya’ don’t need all that stuff.
Magazines just go in back pockets.
Practice doing yer squats and there’s no need for them knee pads.
Gloves are fer wimps, a little blood letting won’t kill ya’.
Makes a good slick gun lube, too.
See how simple life can be.


Lol my knees are not as conditioned as yours ,obviously.


Just ignore them creaks and snaps.
Some whisky, for medicinal purposes a’ course, fixes all that.
What don’t kill ya just makes ya’ stronger.


Whiskey on the range used to called a Group Tightener.
Now a days, it’s likely to git ya’ arrested.
Especially when the guy who’s been drinking shoots his car as he’s unloading his iron.
True story.


Yea, lets not drink and handle firearms. Thats only more fuel to the fire for gun control.