Gear to get people out of your way


Back in the day a buddy of mine bought a set of train horns for his truck…we spent about 4 hours mounting air tank under truck, mounting compressor and running air lines to horns we mounted behind grille…and then we went to try them out, OMG I saw people fall down and go ape chit when he gave them a blast from those things…they were so loud…on the night before black friday a bunch of people set up tents outside circuit city so they would be first in the door when they opened, at about 11pm we drove by and gave them a wake up call and sped away, we watched from another parking lot as people came out of tents wondering wtf just happened, after they settled down and went back into tents we drove by and gave it to them again, after about the fifth time a couple people took down tents and left. It was so funny…I think at the time he paid about 1k for the set he had, they literally shook your insides up…easily as loud as a real train.


I have a set in my Garage … that a guy gave me real ones metal… your right they are incredibly loud…lol


My bud is a retired motor cop. He gave me his siren off his 1970 police bike. Got the red and blue lights too, was thinking of putting them in the window of the shop and every time I hear someone doing 60 in a 35 Ill turn them out.
and NO I dont give a rip about any laws. The other side does not care, why should we.


Short answer is there’s a long game in play.


I live on a one way street, not a day goes by that multiple vehicles go the wrong way and most are well above the speed limit which is 25, I talked to local so called LEO and asked when he was going to start busting people before someone got hurt, he just looked at me and said he would look into it…called the local Sheriff’s Dept. and was told they would try, have yet to see one Deputy on my street, such a joke, my outlook on LE has went downhill in my area, I have no faith in them.


Not as long as you think. About 1 minute to midnight


I watched, interested as I to enjoy Greek study

Note the intro:

frequently confused with, or perhaps consciously identified with

Does that not seem odd, is it a confused connection, or a conscious one?

Are we

Or in the actual time of, as your video uses, apocalypse, right at this moment, a revelation, or revealing, right now, apocalypse now.

Does that read like a future event, or read like instructions, for again, now?

Morpheus, god of sleep, do you want to wait till the end then be found

or, awake now?

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“Gear to get people out of your way”

40 tons of Peterbilt.


One minute in God’s clock can be hours, days, months, or years.
Look how far between the Yom Kippurs the things that have happened.
Just a blink of an eye to the Lord.


Exactly how you should be looking at it, we have this infinitesimal existence and think we know when and where we are in it


Uh, is that English :flushed: :joy:


Remember English is a living language…

The Commies haven’t killed her yet…


Oh yes they have, look up VACCINE.

The 1905 definition that the supreme court made got over turned in 2019 by the WHO.

Go back to the 60s and look up the word “gay” A happy time in the 1890s. Not any more.

We watched The Flintstones every week having a gay ole time.

How about pedophile? People attached to minors.

We could make a list.


Exactly. A living language. Maybe it should be ‘locked’. Like French is, no new words or meanings.

The French did it to save their culture. It is time for America to recognise that the attack on our language is intended to divide and ultimately destroy American and all Western cultures. Just like everything the radical left does, it has a purpose.

Unfortunately when the language is locked so are the people. Example, the great reset is made easier when you can’t change thinking. The propaganda is harder to fight.

The French are buying into this new green totalitarianism in a massive way. They went back to paper ballots because the propaganda and indoctrination has worked. The people now vote the way they are supposed to.


We are doomed.
The retards ghetto speak has been filtered into society and dictionaries Do they even teach english in ghetto schools? Or is that being “racist” ?? I don’t think so having worked their shitholes for 30 + years and trying to figure what the dopes are saying.
The media and the rats have their tongues so far up the criminals ass they can taste their tooffpaste.


Nope a dying one. When one side make old words with new meanings.
That makes the other side want a civil war.

  1. Soap Box failed
  2. Ballot Box BIG fail
  3. Jury Box Corrupted fail
  4. Cartridge Box Coming to a street near you.
    Just have to wait for the 7 million new brown shirts to get trained and armed.

The beauty of English is it is a composite language. Made up of bits of too many others to name. We make ourselves victims by not taking advantage of English’s ‘morphology’. For instance utilizing the new English words like Demonrats, Commies, and even now the latest ‘CCP’. English slang is a two way street.


If they are buying into the green totalitarian B.S. someone should explain to them those paper ballots come from trees :deciduous_tree: :joy: