Gear vs Skill


Yes, gear does play some factor. If your gun doesn’t cycle, then yeah, skill gets neutered. But when it comes to quality modern guns and accessories, the margins between them are quite slim.

The more time goes on, the less and less I care about gear and the more I obsess about technique and execution.

Instead of spending a bunch of money on a new shiny piece of gear, try spending money on a class instead.


Skills are perishable. Gear is forever!



Polishing my gear takes skill


You youngsters with all your technology


Greatest gear in the world is worthless in the hands of the unskilled!


Thats what she said


Are you sure? or is it what HE said about SHE??


It’s been my experience that the more complicated your technology the more likely it is to fail when needed.

That’s why fighter aircraft still have guns and battle rifles still have bayonets.

That, and practice.


Hey, hey… this is a family show :flushed:


Funny how the ones with the most gear attached to their firearm are the ones driving the 300 yds to change targets at our range.
Yeah the ones that NEED a walk or 10


I walk to the target, THEN I shoot it! That way, even if my gun fails, I can still stab it to death. :upside_down_face:


Optic, sling and WPL= huge advantage if you have to use your gun.