Geared Up! (Miscellaneous Gear Photos)


Wanted to start a catch all thread for gear photos.

Built the plate carrier and belt with training and emergency situations in mind, I know black is out of fashion at the moment, but I live in a fairly developed area. In the hopefully unlikely event of me needing to use this gear; Its not like I’m gonna ghost into the woods when I’m worried about defending my family and property. Not disparaging people who love their cammies, but I just don’t think it would be that beneficial to my situation. Might switch to a Coyote Tan or Foliage Green eventually.

*not gonna be lugging around 3 guns in any foreseeable situation, was cleaning my KSG and my AR so they both made it into the shot.


Here’s my run and gun gear setup. I’ve carried this setup over multiple run and guns and it has served me very well.


What belt rig are you running here? I’m in the market and this looks low profile enough for what I want.


I actually wouldn’t run the belt in the photo. It was my first belt that I got, just a pretty cheap one. Don’t even remember the name.

I ran my Volund Gearworks belt for a while and it is awesome:

I’m currently running the DSG competition belt and it kicks ass: