Geco Rifle Ammunition


I picked up several boxes of Geco 5.56x45 ammo recently, so I performed a back-to-back comparison against Federal LC XM193. My test was not scientific in any way, but the difference was obvious after firing 100 rounds of each. Overall, my Geco groups were larger and had significantly more flyers. I’m not here to criticize Geco or anything, since it was 100% reliable and plenty accurate for plinking. I was just curious if anyone else has tried their ammo?


I’ve used a bunch of it. Usually pistol ammo though.
A few things I can say about it is that it has always been reliable, very clean and accurate enough for handgun use.
Never shot any of the rifle ammo for groups.


Don’t know about their ammo but saved a lot on my car insurance…

On a Serious note, I’ve never tried their ammo, actually, never heard of it. Fair prices?? Where are you guys purchasing it?


My local Sportsman’s Warehouse caries it from time to time. Seems to be random, unpredictable shipments, but I’ll usually snatch up a bunch of the 9mm when it comes in. In my region, it usually runs about $10-$11 a box. Can’t beat it for good clean brass cased ammo.


I tried a couple boxes. On par with Federal American Eagle 5.56x45 AKA not very accurate…


I found it at Rural King. As I recall, I paid around $16 for a 50 round box.


I don’t use it. When I first found out about it t thought that it would be a great alternative to wolf ammunition. I found out the same things you all did, it’s not accurate and they like wolf use a copper/ steel blend jacket on there bullets.


IIRC I bought their .22LR, it was oily/greasy.
Not impressed, off my list.