Gen3 Glock 19 RMR slide


So, I have an extra G19 slide collecting dust(I swapped a 19c barrel and slide onto my current HD pistol…Don’t give me $#!+ about compensated guns, I’ve done the research and shot them in low light/retention…they work fine). I also have 2 Polymer80c frames waiting to be completed. I WANT(not need…20/13 vision…just want…) a red dot on a G19. Who would you send your slide to for RMR milling/fitting. I know that there are some distributors selling “ready to go” slides(Glock Store-Lone Wolf). From what I’ve read they are not as tight as a custom fitting, more akin to using the adapter plates on MOS Glocks. Suarez(no matter your opinion of him) sells a complete slide/RMR package or will fit an RMR to your supplied slide(or their slide and take yours as a “core”). ATEi will take your slide in and do any thing you want(slower turn around time), and then there’s the “Atom” slide from Unity Tactical. I really like the “Atom” because the rear sight dovetail is ahead of the RMR, giving you a solid chunk of metal ahead of the optic, but I also like the the AETi serration mods…

I’m stuck. I know my best option is to contact ALL of the possible Smiths/Retailers and try to find just what I want, but I figured I’d come here first to see what everyone’s opinions were of the available options.

If you were going to mount a “No Nonsense/Reliable as possible” red dot on a Glock, who would be your choice to do it?


Try Doug Presson at DP Custom Works LLC in NC. He did an RMR cut with ameriglo tall sight installation for my Glock 17 and its real tight. He’s also affordable in my opinion. Hope it works out.


Here is the finished product for review:


Thanks nootso5. I looked at his site and yes, his prices are very reasonable. It’s also nice to see he offers several sight mounting options. When I finally get my RMR in, I’ll keep him in mind.