Gerber Strongarm Fixed Blade Full Tang Survival Knife

What kind of fixed blade knife do you use?


What price range?

Theres a $10 Becker Bk knock off at Wal Mart that will take a beating.

At $50 I like my Buck fixed blade, has about a 4" blade and at $100 I like the Becker or Kershaw.


Love my fixed blades! Browning black label, buck, Gerber, Mora, okc,


I have several dozen!

My most used is an ESEE Isula II. Tiny little 1095 that can handle 99% of my slicing needs.

When hunting I wear that or a CRKT Hunt’n Fisch as a neck knife and a Benchmade 201 Activator (D2) as a sheath knife on my hip.

Survival? Well, I have survived 58 years so far. When I am “just playin” on the back 20 acres I have a US Navy Mk3 Mod 0 I carry in a sheath designed for a Buck 119. The issue sheath has a metal collar that invariably dulls the Mk 3. Mine shaves arm hair.

I have been told the Mk 3 has a weak tip - but I use mine to dig arrows out of stumps for 30 years without breakage. Push or cut, don’t try and pry. I also used it several times to clear the prop on my boat of weeds and ropes in stressful circumstances (a 16,000 pound boat is tough to push back off shore if it bottoms out).

Currently, in our much smaller boat, I have a SOG Seal Tech 2000 that is a GREAT fixed blade. A little too large for most cutting chores.

In my car are a KaBar (door pocket) and a USAF Survival Knife (trunk tool box).

I have a Gerber Big Rock I bought as a beater . . . but I have really come to like it. Thin and easy to wear. It packs well and I keep that in my day-pack when hunting, A truly great camp knife for a reasonable price - like $30!

BUT, if the SHTF 24/7 I have a couple folders on me whenever I am dressed where there aren’t checkpoints . . . but you didn’t ask about them. :wink: