Get out of line!

First toilet paper, now ammo

next, fuel, food

What if we all just stop

Stop standing in line, let the shelves build up, demand subside

It really seems we’re already defeated if we’re conditioned to stand in line for commodities


And stop feeding the beast! If one person stops feeding it they come and take everything. But if 50% of the country stops feeding it there’s nothing they can do. How do you feed it? The beast eats money and can’t function w/o it.


mmm, wouldn’t it be more fair to say it eats minds/souls, the money is just evidence of that, as well are the lines,

Lets just take coffee break, leave the line


Sorry, I didn’t watch the entire interview. I can imagine what was in it.

I see the beast eating minds and souls as its goal, but not the fuel. What fuels the eating of minds and souls is cash. Without that it just doesn’t function, no one is paid and who works for free? ATF shuts down, the military is unpaid, the cops stay home, yada yada. Sure it would be chaos for a time, esp’ if law and order isn’t maintained in communities, but I think we can handle that. Then we bring back what is needed. The problem with chaos is that anything can come out of it. We’d need to make sure we can re-emerge using the original Constitution. I wouldn’t want to be in the cities for it. But I never want to be in the cities anyway. The places that love what the left has been doing would be the hardest hit and I find that sort of justice quite comforting since the people there would be doing it to themselves.


RIP Randy Rhoads, gone way to soon


Although never an issue for me but, mass transit how much waiting in line to condition the mind that this is acceptable. I have flown before and Hate it because of the waiting, lines, herded into tubes. I couldn’t imagine that everyday on trains/buses to go to work.

Almost brings into perspective the lyrics:
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the Signs.


I wish we could arrange that. I would do it if I could get away with it.