Get Tier 1 Citizen and more like that on Full30


I know mainly gun channels have been more commercial channels that are sponsored, nothing wrong with that… but it would be nice to see more training based channels as well as just reviews on things that worked by people who pay for things. Am I alone in this, and also what channels are there that meet this criteria?


I agree, one of the beauties of YouTube is how the “start” happens. Somebody makes a vid and pushes it out… People like/share it… New content creators are needed to backfill for those that “age out” if you will.


Additionally I would be more supportive of broadening the scope of Full30, to include gun / freedom “related” content such as SHTF/prepping, off grid living, homesteading, knife makers, Minutemen/Legitimate Constitutional militia, EDC, reloader’s, Vehicle (off-road type), camping, backpacking, outdoors… Etc

Know what I mean?


Broadening the scope, I’m definitely game… I mean, we need something to compete with youtube and if that makes make Mac rich then he can run for, and become president!