Get Woke, Go Broke? DICK'S Sporting Goods Warns Investors That Decision To Get...



pffft, thats nothing compared to the real cost of disarming a society


F them…go under…


Fuck Dickless Sporting Goods


Hope the bitches tank!!!


They’re really showing us gun owners.


Dick’s really screwed the pooch. Like so many other retailers, they will never gain back the lost customers after such a bad decision. I guess they were hoping for a “blue wave” in their stores. LOL!!!


Apparently snowflakes don’t camp, hunt, or play sports either.


Why would we ever shop there agin . Academy and bass pro /cabelas and most important local mom and pop shops sale the same stuff for less .


So, their leftist investors are pissed that profits tanked after they began a leftist agenda of removing popular firearms from their shelves…with the idea of not offending other leftists that were offended by said firearms.
After profits drop because they offended the individuals actually buying said firearms, they decide that the solution is to double down and now remove all hunting and camping/outdoor items in order to reduce inventory so they can now sell more baseball bats and tennis shoes.

Brilliant strategy Dicks! I see this taking you to the top of the sporting goods industry in no time flat! (Insert sarcasm here…in case you missed it)

I wonder who their master planner is here…Karl, or Groucho Marx? SMH