Get Woke, Go Broke? DICK'S Sporting Goods Warns Investors That Decision To Get...




I haven’t set foot i one of their stores since 2012. And I won’t. They could change to selling nothing but liquor and AR parts at 75% off and I’d still shop elsewhere. Let 'em tank. I could care less. Their CEO will relocate all his assets and file bankruptcy from the comfort of a Swiss bank account.

The real victim of the anti-gun move is small business. The more fervent the media war on guns gets, the less guns and ammunition I sell. The more new products the government bans or makes inconceivably expensive, the lower my sales number. An ammo limit of 20 rounds a month? Guess who gets hurt.

Running a business is already an incredibly difficult thing to maintain. Some months you wonder how you’re gonna keep the lights on. Some months, you break even. When you add politics and government control and media propaganda demonizing your product, you might as well close the doors. Facebook shadow banning and YouTube censoring only helps ensure that small business’ that don’t comply with their beliefs have no avenue for marketing.

The American dream is a nightmare, now. Best you can hope for is to get out without starving to death, anymore. Or having ANTIFA or angry trannies burn your place to the ground. And, it’s sad. That’s not how capitalism is supposed to work. Dick’s did this to themselves and the market worked, for a change. But, for every Field and Stream store they close, a dozen other mom and pop shops close every day.

Remember that when you spend your hard earned money. Buy local and support small business. I always opt to feed a family in my area than get some corporate big wig another Porsche.


I always spend a $ or two more at my local shops, make friends, and usually I get a free education on something as a result. Dick’s can suck itself. Buy local guys… edit: and gals. Can’t forget you too!


Amen, brother.


These idiots just won’t stop👎


Absolutely can’t wait to watch them all go out of business!


if you think just taking assault as they call them weapons from their store. Just seen this on local news earlier this week and forgot about it.


Good riddens to Dicks.
Hope they go under faster than the Lusitania.


Cheaper Than Dirt and Dick’s are forever dead to me.


They claim that they will replace the guns and ammo with merchandise that they will make a profit off of, but that seems to be ignoring how Dick’s is laid out.

More than likely, their clothing is what has the highest markup on the price. That is why it is in the center of the store. Other products are arranged around the sides and back of the store, so that customers have to walk through or by the clothing in order to get to other items. Most people don’t think of going to a sporting goods store, to buy clothing. They go to a sporting goods store to buy a piece of equipment, then may get distracted and consider buying some overpriced clothing.

Removing guns and ammo, takes away a big chunk of potential sporting goods store customers. Making public statements supporting gun control, also takes away some customers that would be looking for fishing tackle or camping gear, but don’t want to give money to a store that has alienated gun owners. All of those are customers that will not be walking in looking for something, then getting distracted and buying a shirt that they could buy somewhere else for less money.

Until the upper management of Dick’s faces that fact head on, they are just making excuses for why their pandering to people that don’t shop at their stores, is hurting their profits.


I have never been in a Dick’s, they just built one a few miles from me. I hope it shuts down.


Have not been there to buy anything since this fiasco. They chose sides, have to live with it.


My first real job outside high school
Was working the gun counter at Dick’s. I wanted a pay check plus first hand knowledge on guns. The grey beards there taught me a lot.

This was more than a decade ago and before this non-sense. I’m sure their founders are rolling in their graves. RIP


What you got against CTD?
Something I missed perhaps?


Back in 2012 CTD did the same $hit as Dick’s.
They pulled all guns from online sales and was looking at taking them out of their brick and mortar. Worst when called out on it and got flames on social media, they back pedaled and then tried pretending “it was a misunderstanding”. Now they try playing us for fools and act like it never happened:


Was unaware of that.
I have good relations with CTD and they actually went a step beyond normal to help me out on one occasion.
It is possible they learned the error of there ways and have repented.
Regardless I will keep an eye them from now on.


CTD is noted for price gouging, back when all the media thought the hildabeast was going to win, they were always first to jack prices up on every little scare.


It would appear that Dick’s CEO Stack has not yet discovered he is actually standing on his own erstwhile male appendage.


Again Cheaper Than Dirt is dead to me. Plus the multiple warehouse charges for the same order is BS. Weak spines gouging MF’ers


Not defending CTD…they do still sell guns. The article above is over 6 years old…not that I buy anything from them anyway.