Getting hunting camp set up

@Jtr you mean like this?


Dumped this with my 338 Win mag, had to chase it around in the fog, had 3 rounds in it over about 15 minutes before it finally went down, fortunately in a friendly farmer’s field.
Tough critters.


The Beast, BAR 338 WM

All that glass sure helps see the fog a lot more clearly!


Rangefinding scope.


Tells you precisely what the holdover is for the fog.
338WM a bit bigger then the 25-45 Sharps.


Yes like that you were lucky the last elk I killed we had to use the truck and about 200 yards of rope and chain to drag it back up to where we could load it .


I see rigs with front bumper spools of several hundred feet or more of hay wire and snatch blocks up in the trophy bull area. Steep nasty country. Straight up and straight down.

The 25-45, nice lightweight shooter for blacktail.


I have a bumper receiver hitch mounted 1 ton capstan winch and a couple thousand feet of rope.

Years ago as a kid a driller I worked for drew a moose tag. He was gone for a week and his story when he came back taught me something.

He shot his, strangely enough up on top, and to get it out he made a meat sled out of the hide by melting snow and and icing it. The meat he didnt tree cache and his gear he laced in the ‘sled’. He made such such a good one he actually rode it part of the way down the mountain till he crashed out. That’s where his partners found him in the morning and helped him pack it all out on toboggans.

What did I learn?

Hope your tag isn’t in a ‘No Motor’ area…


When that round first came out a buddy of mine bought a upper and ammo in a package deal they run, shot very well at 100 slightly over an inch. Shot a nice doe with it at 170-180 yards and it ran 25 yards and piled up. I really like that round.


I think there are other 6.5’s that fit the small frame I would look into if I had it to do over, the Sharps is really limited to bullets but I thought it would be a cool build. And the 90g SGK works out pretty good. Brass is just necked up 223, other then barrel all parts mill spec AR15. Daniel Defense furniture, Radian short throw ambi, VG6 SS brake, Burris Droptine glass.