Getting my Irish on


Corned beef potatoes carrots and cabbage tonight.:grinning:


Had Reubens at my house :ireland:


does it count if my Irish wife cooked it. We had squirrell and chicken pan pie with lots of veggies. One of her favorites.

Oh yeah her maiden name is Flanigan…that’s why I said Irish wife


I have Mc Cartys on one side and Doublins on the other. And before I got old and gray I had a red beard. But my wife is pure east europeon her grandparents got out right before the commies took over.


I expected a fifth of whiskey (Jameson being acceptable, bushmill being a big :fu: )
And maybe some bare knuckle gypsy boxing.


Cant do ether too old to box anymore so ill just shoot and whisky gives me a bad head ace.


Very not-Irish of you. Are you sure youre not British? :laughing:


Damn I thought ya meant a case of Whiskey


My favorite meal is CB and C.
Unfortunately my family doesn’t feel the same so I get it on St. Pattys day…



Ate many MCI’s (Meal, Combat, Individual ration) the last of the canned rations.
Eating that stuff… pretty sure increased the lead level in his body.
The so called mold was probably the lead leaching out of the can.
Great video.


We have big plans for the 17th… me n the family may not be Irish… but we are Scotts… and we can enjoy the Irish food! Aye!


Look at the history . The Irish and Scott’s are closely related to each other. My wife and I are thinking about going to a Irish pub called Dublins pass in Springfield Mo. On st pats day to do it right . I’m the one with Irish my wife is Czech on both sides so I get to eat some old family dishes that I never would have before.