Getting On Full30, I would Pay

I have a small YouTube channel that we, my family, started a few months ago. We have over 80 videos, 6000 views a month and 160 subs, but growing. We submitted an application a few weeks ago. Have not received anything back.

Has Full30 thought about charging a small fee to new channels? Set a goal of subs or views to eliminate the fee as advertising goals are hit.

I would be open to paying for the service of hosting and giving our channel a chance to grow.



I’ve been waiting a month and a half. I’m sure they’re very busy, IMO, firearm related pages should have priority over non firearm pages. Who knows what kinds of pages submitted.

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So the issue with the wait as I have it from tom in admin is bandwidth
If you grow to fast you go broke paying for bandwidth
They are takeing enough time so they dont crash and burn
But have faith the list of accepted grows longer every day!