Getting ready for my down time

Well, Thursday I’m going in for surgery and will be on shall we say, light duty for the next 6-8 weeks. So because I’m now on ammo, I decided I’m going to spend some time filling the ammo vault back up.

Yesterday I picked up 20 pounds of .223 brass, that comes out to 1400-1500 rounds.

I also picked up some primers, 1000 each of small rifle and small pistol.

I ordered a mold to cast my own 124gr flat point 9mm, it should be here this week. Also ordered a Lee perfect powder measurer to use with the .223. The 9mm isn’t an issue as I have a Lee 1000 progression press that measures the charge.

So far I have cleaned, sized, and deprimed all the .223 brass. Today I picked up a primer pocket ream and started to clean up the pockets. Screw the hand stuff, I put it in a cordless drill. Once those are done I’ll be putting the primers in. I learned right away, .223 doesn’t like to deprime real clean. Had 2 primers pop on me. Nope, not liking that.

Once the .223 is done, I’m moving on to 9mm. The Redding T7 turret press is working great now that I’m finding the rhythm. After the 9mm is done, I have a bunch of the larger stuff to do, .44 mag, 500 mag, .50ae, and Beuwulf. Yep, I will soon have a full, happy ammo vault, and a pair of tired presses, and much less powder on hand.


if I don’t get a chance to say
expect to see you back here in 6 days.


I plan to take the laptop to the computer this time. Internetting on a phone sucks.


Hope everything goes well with the surgery and a speedy recovery, I’ll be doing the same in November an hope to get a bunch of 45 ACP an 9mm along with a few rifle cartridge all with cast lead loaded up during my 4 week recovery. I want be doing any casting as I want be able to lift much weight.

Who’s 9mm mold did you get? I have the 4 cavity NOE 124 gr. TC mold with standard lube groove that I PC and size to .357" and it a great shooting bullet.


I hope the surgery goes well. Reloading is a perfect project for your down time. I do all my reloading during the cold winter months when I have cabin fever. For me personally, it’s very relaxing and therapeutic.



I had the 2 cavity in that mold years ago when I got my first 9mm, I ended up selling it as it didn’t cast bullets large enough for my particular pistol. Funny enough a few year later after I started powder coating I found some of those bullets I had cast and coated them up and they shot great.


Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Today I got a bit more ready. Cast about 10 pounds of 9mm bullets. Still need to cast about 15 pounds more. Also got a bag of 55gr .223, and dug up some 500 magnum and .44 magnum bullets. I’ll be busy for a while.

Not even sure how much 9mm brass I have, but it’s a full to capacity ammo box.

I got all my .223 brass sized and de primed. Just tossed them back in the cleaner for a while to get the lube off and polish them a bit more.


Cast up some more 9mm today, got a total of 25 pounds, which comes out to about 1400 rounds.

Got them out to dry off.

Also picked up some powder coat. Went with yellow to be different. I wanted blaze orange.


Did my first batch, not real happy with it. They’re coated, but not real good.

Before baking.

After baking.

Second batch looks much better. This time I ran all the bullets through the brass polisher to clean them up. This time the powder coated much better.

Sadly, I will not be baking them at this time. My wife will be home soon, and she doesn’t like it when I do gun things in the kitchen. As I always say, what she don’t know won’t hurt me. So my plan is to get it next week, or perhaps over the weekend, it will depend on how I feel after I get back from the hospital.


I don’t want to assume anything but I have to ask if you’re curing your bullets in a toaster oven or kitchen oven that you cook food in? If so that is a NO-NO as the out gasses from the curing powder coat can leave an unseen residue that you don’t want on your food later. You also need good ventilation as that same out gasses are something you don’t want to be breathing on a regular basis.

The HF powders are the least desirable of the powder coats as far a getting a good quality coat on your bullets. The red will give the best results but even it can be spotty and I’ve never gotten good results with the yellow PC. Both work well if you use an electrostatic sprayer by not so much using the TL process. Yellows in general of any brand of PC don’t tend to coat very well.

Check out some of the link in my PC thread for some good quality powders that coat well using the TL method.


I will do that, thanks.


Hope you have an excellent recovery


Hope you get feeling better, TR. Did you at least pack some of your guns so you can clean them in the hospital?


Hope your recovery is quick and painless.
My wife doesn’t appreciate my reloading in the kitchen, either.
Especially after a primer wound up in the disposal.


So far, I loaded up 290 rounds, but ran out of powder. Guess I’ll need more. So I working on the priming. I got a box of about 1200 cases that are sized, cleaned, and primed, just waiting on powder. Still have some 300 or so cases that need primers. I ran out.


Today I picked up the red powder coat.

Ya, I think without a doubt, the yellow is out, and the red is in.

I got 450 rounds coated. The bullets are cast at .356 and they still needs to run through a .356 sizer.

I still want to try the black and perhaps the white.


Stay way from the HF Black it’s as bad or worse as the Yellow and the White just doesn’t work at all.