Ghost Gunner 2


Looking to partner with Ghost Gunner. Any takers on the CNC machine Ghost Gunner 2? I’m interested. :slight_smile:


I would but there is still the problem with a border.


Ha! You will just have to come down pick it up and fill it with ice. And it’s now a cooler for your trip home. :sunglasses:


While this machine has had issues it’s a great idea
The only issue with it for me is the pricing
The cost of the machine out weighs its use for me
In theory this is a great machine for production
Not for personal use
While it is highly illegal to produce 80% firearms for sale purposes without a license the ablilty of this machine is lost and can not pay for itself


Now if we send it around Full30 and each have some time with it like an old prostitute. :slight_smile:


The primary purpose of the machine is to give the middle finger to anti-gun laws.


I understand this
I was just thinking production wise


@brianpurkiss, While I totally agree with you, wouldn’t we be better served teaching people how to make them than giving them a plug and play solution. God forbid the might learn something.

That being said, I have drooled over it since it hit Wired Magazine in 2015. And yes, I like being lazy sometimes.


I was looking at carrying this seriously, but have to order two in order to start carrying them. So anyone crazy enough here to order one. The other one I may raffle off. :slight_smile: I will give it to you for dealer pricing. How about that?


@Robert I’m looking at you. We know you’re broke as hell from Christmas but still want one. :smile:


Something for making 80% lowers?


Yep put the lower in, choose your guide and go.




wrong guy