Ghost Recon Wildlands


So basically in this game you are part of a small team of spec ops guys and your mission is to take down the cartels in South America. This is not so much a shoot em up game as more a tactical shooter where you need to control a small team.
I like this game so far, theres alot of guns and you can modify them clear down to foregrips, optics etc etc. and your character is customizable with quite a few gear options and a few options for different physical traits.
It came out last year , I regret not picking it up sooner.


I plan on picking up a copy for the PC sometime now that you remind me of this game. I had initially followed it when it first came out, but got distracted (worse than a 5 year old).

I don’t know if you played the original PC game (Ghost Recon), but that was the best original small unit military game. Obviously controls and graphics were limited given the technology, but it was basically the outdoor equivalent to the original Rainbow Six.

The previous game to this in the series was Future Soldier which I didn’t care for the science fiction high-tech aspect. Although the one thing you could do as you mentioned regarding Wildlands was the almost unlimited weapon customization.

I’m more of a single-player gamer, but I wished I had more friends who played as those games are really fun when you play with friends or like-minded folks it’s a lot more fun.


This game is still pretty good on single player. Its quite a bit different then the other Ghost Recon game but in a good way. Splinter Cell is one of my favorites and it pretty much sold me on the Tom Clancy games.


Amen, our game library is probably the same from the sounds of it. I liked Splinter Cell, even Conviction and Blacklist which were trashed by all the purists. They’re games and they’re supposed to be fun. At least for me I had fun with those two despite them being different than the original.

This topic just served as a reminder of what I’m getting myself for Christmas if I don’t get it before then. After I saw your initial post I looked some updated gameplay videos. They’re still doing updates/DLC for it, looks really cool!


Theyre only on their second season for updates and dlc and all that,I think itll go for 5 before being complete so there is still alot being added.