Gift ideas for a Glock 19

My father’s birthday is coming and I want to buy him something for his Glock 19 I would appreciate any suggestions.

Depends on your budget. Night sights, extended slide release, minus trigger connector, a nice holster, extra mags, and of course ammo are a few that come to mind.


Ammo! lots of ammo. other than that. night sights because 1. they glow, and 2 they get rid of the plastic Glock sights. cheaper ideas are the dust plug for the bottom of the grip, or a Grip force adapter " gives it a beaver tail" mates to the webbing of the hand nicely. Good luck Brother.

Meprolight Tru-Dot sights
Magpul mags
Surefire X300-A Ultra
Blade-Tech OWB tac light holster & Tek-Lok
Apex trigger
Steel frame, various companies make them

Custom leather holster maybe? Try

Dead thread but for sure night sites

one mus posses the power of the glow


I’m gonna have to start calling you Dr. Frankenstein, lol.

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