Ginsburg to retire?



Hopefully this is true!!!


It would be great to place another conservative judge in the supreme court! Especially since Obumhole stuffed the lower courts with libtard hacks.


I’m not seeing anything from a Google search from other sources. Seems like this fits in the “rumor” category.

I do doubt she’ll last another 2 years though.


The video stated rumor leaked from personal aide. Alleged that Gainsburger’s cancer has returned a 3rd time.


I wouldn’t be surprised. She is extremely old and the stress of the Supreme Court can’t be good for her health.

I’m gonna wait for more sources though.


^ This.


One can only hope she does.


If she don’t, they will need to install a seatbelt on her chair to keep her from falling out.


Hah. I chuckled.

All I could think about was this video.


“Ginsburg to retire”

Bless her, it’s about time she kicked back. She’s been dead for like three years at least.



Thank you very much for sharing this video with us.

It gives me (us?) great hope!


has no idea what the Constitution is…she has to be dressed, fed and told which way to vote…


You forgot diapers…:joy:


pretty sure she does - she was there when it was signed…



Maybe she once knew, but she seems to have long forgotten.