Girsan MC312 Sport Shotgun - First Look

I am not sure if this one will ever make it up on YouTube… they say it is a “modified” firearm but it is CLEARLY all factory and fresh from the box exactly like it is shown in the video. So, for now, enjoy it over here on FULL30.


yeah our time is nearly done in most public social media


There’s still Rumble. That should be taking off.


Rumble wants unlimited rights to your stuff. Not using them.


@Sarge4206th @EQuinn I have been on rumble and HATE it, there is not logial way to search, doesn’t seem to have any type of algorithm or most recent or anything. it sucks! can it get better, yeah sure, but right now, sucks!

UPDATE… just got done with a back and forth with YouTube, my talks with them on the overall firearm policy issues are still moving forward and I have brought a few “big guns” in our community, not creators, on to help with those talks.

As for this video, yeah, won this round, they did approve it full monetization with no restriction, not only that but thanked me for bringign attention to the fact aht not all “modification” are homemade bubba job, dangerous or illegal and how factory firearms are available in all different kinds of flavors. it really is an educational thing with them.

so, i do nto feel as you that our time is at all limited, maybe with certain topics, yeah, possibly, but i havev been working on specifically firearm related content and the future is still looking good on that front, at least with YouTube.