Glad to be here.


From Wisconsin. Like to shoot, especially 308ARs, but lots of other stuff as well. 308AR is my go to forum, wish I could be out in the desert with a bunch if them right now, but life got in the way this time. Next to that, fishing the big waters of Lake Superior is my thing.


We have some other great lakes fishers here, if my wife gets her way we’ll be doing it off copper harbor

thats because its 1990 miles from Miami

Those photos @dnp posted do look real fun (stop looking)

have some fun photos of fishing please post



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Know Copper Harbor well. Is 120 airmiles from me across open water. Heres one


WTH kind of sea monster is that?


Your run of the mill northern, thats all.




Welcome to Full30. Glad you found us.


Pike but lakers are the thing up here.

This is a buddy of mine last March.


Thank you!


I’m jealous we don’t have fish like that here




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Welcome @Sisco
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Welcome to Full30 forum @Sisco Good to have you here. I’m in Wisconsin as well, but I’m on the other lake.

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Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to Full30…


Welcome to the forum. I love slinging lead down range with ar10s as well!!


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, Sisco.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome Sisco!