Glock 43x Magazine Issue

I recently traded and got a Glock 43x that the guy had done several modifications too and everything seemed good. I took it to the range today to try it out and ran into an issue that I have a couple of ideas on but I thought I would throw it out and see what you guys thought as well. So the issue I ran into is when I would shoot the weapon the magazine would pop out. I had three different magazines (all OEM Glock) and they all did it. I am thinking that I should replace the magazine release, I had already planned to do this anyways. I was also thinking I should maybe replace the magazine spring or little rod (not sure what the official title is) that holds the magazine button in. Does this sound right to you guys? Also, does anyone know if the 43x spring is a special one?


I believe you’re on the right track, I’d replace the mag release and maybe the spring if necessary, but it’s hard to wear that out and unless it’s been modified it’s probably Okay.

I’ve done a ton of research on the 43x vs the 43 and there are basically only 4 parts on the 43x that are unique to the 43x. The slide stop/release, the magazine catch/release, the frame itself and the magazine.
Glockmeister should be able to get you the mag catch, or Hyve makes an aftermarket aluminum version if you like pretty colors.
I highly doubt that all your mags are screwed up, but be sure to inspect the slot on the sides of the mags where the catch engages them to make sure they’re okay.


Thanks for the feedback @Comanchero45 . I am into fancy colors I found a mag release that is extended which I like from Tyrant designs. Ill order that and while I honestly haven’t ever seen the magazine spring in there wear out on any Glocks I figure its only a few dollars and I will already be in there messing with it so I might as well replace just to have peace of mind.


That’s what is known as a clue.

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Do the magazines have an extension mod on them?

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No the magazines are just oem Glock 43x mags.

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