Glock 44 and Dead Air Mask 22


Beautiful! I have refused to buy it so far since they make you buy a separate barrel and the first reviews were so bad. Have you ran it wit cci standard ammo yet?


@SuppressedNation_Chris yes I have and I’ve been running the standard CCI 1075 FPS and high velocity ammunition traveling 1475 feet per second. The beauty to the Glock 44 is that this lie is made it a high dense polymer but it’s essentially plastic the benefit to it is that when you shoot you don’t get a metal thud sound like metal on metal but plastic on a little bit metal.

And all the sound out. Causing it to be extremely quiet and the test I did was have a staple gun go off next to the dead air mask and Glock 44. I suppose you can guess which one was quieter


I’m a Glock fan so was really wanting one. I’ll probably end up grabbing one just waiting for the suppressor ready model to be standard. Never thought I’d say I love my Taurus but the tx22 had been my go to for a while now. Love how it feels in my hand and has ran perfect!


I’m going back to the rain tomorrow so I’m going to try to do a video and a nice comparison if it’s not over packed with people blazing away with steel case LOL


For everyone reading I’m going to have to postpone the range trip video due to a massive thunder stom coming threw my area.

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