Glock 45


@DarkCornerGunworks and @TacticalUnicorn1776 have the 19x. It’s amazing and I dug it the first time I shot it. I didn’t want the exact same thing as them but I wanted a similar gun. B-I-N-G-O!!! Glock 45 FTW!!! It’s all the awesomeness of the 19x but just different enough not to be a

My Glock can take their 19x mags (and any other Glock 17 mags) so - nahnahnah my Glock is better than yours. :laughing:

I was slightly concerned about the full size, bc I was used to carrying my Glock 19 (which I sold and then carried @DarkCornerGunworks [aka my boyfriend] ‘s Glock 23 for a while…which was a great carry) …however, one day was all I needed to get used to it. And, of course - same holster…plug: alien gear!

I’m a big fan of the 45…which, for any confusion, is chambered in 9mm, not .45 LOL

Anyone else got one of these bad boys? Love it or hate it? Seems to be a mixed bag from reviews I’ve read. I’m definitely a FanGirl!:fireworks::woman::fireworks::glock:


Night sights standard and maritime spring cups from the factory… Plus, I’ve got more than enough black guns. Forward cocking serrations? Learn to grip. Or are you scared you’ll break a nail? Plus my box matches my gun. #accessorize. 19X F…T…W…



:nail_care:Not that kind of girl, dear! The forward serrations don’t matter to me…like, at all! But I still dig the Glock 45…and I don’t need my gun box and gun to match, like you…

Clash is in, btw.


HA! Shows what you know. Your gun box DOES match your gun. Try again. @TacticalUnicorn1776, wanna help me out, here?


Damn. You’re not wrong :cry:

So both our guns match our cases…your previous point then becomes invalid.

Are we REALLY talking about Glock-ccessorizing here? @DarkCornerGunworks @TacticalUnicorn1776 :woman_facepalming:


Umm… This is a gun forum. Yes. We are talking about Glock-ccessorizing. That’s basically the meat and potatoes of gun forums. That and AR’s and AK’s with that one random Hi-point guy popping up once or twice. You really don’t know much about this, do you? :rofl:


Where are you finding the accessories?


I’m gonna have to flag THE Full30 @Robert. Smh… That’s just mean. I’ve got 1911’s, too. Real ones. A Springfield AND a Kimber. And TWO whole SIG’s. And…And… an M9…and an HK… Why you gotta be mean? I need a safe space…

Seriously, tho, does Tupperware sell Glock stuff? Can we get a Full30 discount code through them? Or maybe a sponsorship? Oooh! Do they have Glock bayonets? I need a bunch of those. I could sell them. There’s a gun show coming up. Lmao



The Kimber IS in my inventory. Lol. So, I’m really just holding it until someone has a whole bunch of money they don’t know what to do with. LOL


Great. She found the videos. Pretty sure adding her to Full30 has ruined my life.

“Hey, look at this. Have you seen this one? No, i haven’t filed the taxes, did you see the new Hickok45 video?”

Damn it… Lol


Also, that’s my pillow… Just saying. It’s not a table. #ArmyPillowLivesMatter


Not cool, @DarkCornerGunworks! Not cool at all! :angry:




There needs to be a thumbs down button on here…


Someday I imagine, we have changes in mind


If i “thumbs down” something, do I get more beer? I’m out. Been out for like a day. Lol. Think I have digital alcohol poisoning. Lol




Glad you’re here, @Robert