Glock Daily Carry set up


How we set up a daily carry G19
We give it a micro polish job, leaving all parts factory. This gave this one a trigger pull of 4.75 pounds. We replace the firing pin cups with turbo marine Ghost units. Install Glock factory night sights. Zev rear slide cover and magazine release. We use the factory Glock extended slide release on virtually every customized Glock we do.
Glock +2 magazine extension and installed the medium sided beaver tail.
Test fire 20 rounds of ball.
Next we load it with Underwood +P+ 115 grain JHP




Why the Ghost firing pin cups?


The ghost firing pin cups, either the original or the turbo prevent hydraulic lockup of the firing pin. The new 19X and I assume the 45 have these as factory installations.
While I never plan on firing my Glock underwater, there is a very good chance of having either enough rain, or, falling into a creek /river, large mud puddle… that there is a possibility of having water get inside.
All it really is is a measure of reliability that I consider neccessary.


Thanks for the enlightenment. Good idea, especially in your neck of the woods.
Down here in the desert, I try to find a stream or river to fall into lol :joy:


Well there you go… I used to do a lot of fishing, both on shore, in a boat, where ever. Knowing my firearm with have reliable primer strikes is a bonus for me. :grin:
Never know when those catfish go crazy and jump you!


I spend many a summer in Eastern Oregon on the
Deschutes river. I do not miss the 115° heat


Amen to that!
I’ve been down here so long now, I’m actually starting to miss the snow…and that’s something I thought I’d never say!
I work outside and the older I get, the hotter the summers get :wink:
I need to get up there and visit your part of the country…I need to see some trees again lol :joy:


Montana is great, smoke filled hot summers… snow 8 months out of the year…
Yeah, Puget Sound or the cost line of Oregon / Washington call me… I am at home under sword ferns and 200 foot evergreens… people here think a 50 foot tall tree is big. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I get tired of the snow…


Yeah, that snow thing is pretty nice for the first few weeks, then it starts to get old fast. I lived up north for a while and know exactly what you mean about the 8 months of winter. It can be downright depressing.

As for trees…here’s some Arizona trees for ya!


Holy smokes I love cacti and euphorbia, I grow them in my house. Some are over 40 years old. Hahaha
As for desert… this is another reason for how we build the “daily” carry weapons we do. Some firearms come with grease… and a lot of it. Grease and desert dust n sand do not mix well. Or perhaps they mix to well

This leads to a paste that grinds away…
I am sure what works well back east can suck out in the desert… or in the cold.
We have had horrible success with products like FIRECLEAN and FROG Lude… Frog lube mainly due to incorrect installation by the end user.


Yep, no grease for me, I know I’ll probably receive some static, but my go-to for years has been CLP. It has never let me down, and doesn’t create any “desert lapping compound”.


I do not use or recommend CLP myself. I use a full synthetic 0 weight oil lightly applied.
The SLIP 2000 is a great oil and so is the Lucas gun oil.


I recommend people don’t use clp as well and they always look at me like I’m crazy
I use Lucas and that’s what I recommend
We have been using lp2 at our shop recently and I like it as well
But I’m a die hard Lucas guy
If I’m going to store a gun for a long time I’ll use Mobil 1 synthetic


I love the inox lubes


Hahahahhaha glad I am not the only one. We have packed a few weapons into grease for a special client… but besides that, coming from the west coast and now dealing with extreme temperatures we use what we use because the guns do not come back.
We had major issues with some main brands here. I personally think CLP is a decent cleaner (sort of like WD-40) but do not use it for lube… we see the wear issues with it on customer’s guns.


I think a lot of the issue with it comes from that it keeps breaking down carbon after a user cleans there gun
The user thinks oh well I’m done and puts the gun away
For someone that doesn’t shoot often this is a bad thing it gunks up everything
Fireclean and frog lube are the same


Fireclean turns to a pastey goo out here in the bitter cold. Frog lube does the same because everyone puts on to much. Hahahha I stay away from it.


Me too but at the shop people buy the hell out of that shit even when you try to steer them to something that’s better
They look at you like you don’t know what the hell your talking about
My thought is I do this for a living if you don’t want to listen that’s your fault


I run synthetic motor oil in my guns and use clp to clean them up sometimes. I just havnt heard great things about using clp for a lubricant.

Ive been running 10 30 full synthetic , what do you usually recommend if using motor oil?