Glock debate 2018!


Glocks are the AKs of the pistol world though…


Glocks are shite


But they are simple , with fewer parts than most other pistols and go bang everytime. Lol

I dont mind them but they are overrated. The stock trigger and sights are garbage. They should offer a model that comes with steel sights, guide rod and frame , that would be pretty cool.


I just laugh at the motto Perfection
Most of the ones we sell either go into the shop right away for upgrades or go to the range and come back for upgrades


Oh, Glocks marketing is second to none. Some of their die hard fanboys are dickheads to the max too.


??? You just bought a copy of a Glock! The S&W sigma.[quote=“Giantspeed, post:41, topic:7363”]
Today’s dump


A little over the top. Garbage is something you cant use.

That is true. A joke to be sure. Perfection is unobtainable.

This can be true, but true for all makes and models of firearms.

All of you know I am no fanboy of Glock, but let’s keep it real for a second. They work, and they are cheap enough for most people to buy.

Fair enough?


They have the worst fanboys, you cant discuss faults without getting banned from their forums even. Ive never seen a fanboy at their level of ignorant, every brand does have them but Glock is special in this regard. They are not really cheap compared to other pistols that offer more at the same price point, imo. HK vp9, Sig p320, SW M&P, CZ etc etc. Glock literally has the worst trigger of the bunch and the worst sights and have the same price tag. I consider their stock sights and trigger garbage compared to their competitors offerings for the same price.

Too be fair though, they are reliable and a solid functioning pistol perfectly capable of doing anything the others I listed can do.


… OK… question: would you consider me a Glock fan boy?


No and a glock user is not necessarily a “fan boy”, hell I have owned over a dozen Glocks. Plenty of decent Glock owners out there and the pistol is ok for what it is. What im saying is their fan boy shitheads seem to be a bit more common then say the m&ps or XDs and their forums are far worse than the other platforms forums.


I will just take your word for it. I don’t have any plans checking out any other forums than this one to be honest.


Don’t forget the PPQ @jf89, the superior plastic gun over that Glock. Those you listed are good (minus the Sig, not a fan) too but that PPQ has such a sweet trigger.


That is true.

So where does the CZ P10c sit on the list of smooth striker fire triggers for you guys?

Owning both I thing that the PPQ has the P10c beat.


Ive got a question, Why does Glock sell their pistols for the same price as Sigs p320 which has a far better trigger and better steel sights? Might explain why Sig has taken dozens of LE contracts, the militaries contracts and is blowing up in popularity on the competitive side of things.
Glock is decent enough though, its one of the most widely used pistols in the world only slightly behind the CZ 75


Had to split the topic


I feel a little bad for picking on Glock, their CS is the best ive ever dealt with. By far better than any other company ive dealt with. Their 5th gen looks interesting too.


My answer “opinion”.
Sig 320 are really cheap.
The plastic, and design.
They stole the design from Steyr and are getting sued.
They go off when dropped .

Please watch both. Please. If you want to understand where I’m coming from.


Been wanting to shoot CZ’s for a while. No one around me rents them. Most ranges have way too many Glocks and not enough of everything or anything else.


That sucks Brother. If you lived close I would just let you shoot mine.

I noted that it has a shitload of recoil even for a 9mm


Sig fixed those issues and won the lawsuit. They had a rough start, all new designs do. From everything current ive read its all good to go now. Ive personally had issues with the first gen of p320s, ive owned 6. Their polymer is also on par with Glocks and met the militaries standards. Have you read the Armies actual reports? Sig fixed the issues.


The drop safe stuff has been fixed for sure, their new stuff is not even compatible with the older ones.