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Is there something wrong with the gen 5s? They dont seem to get alot of love from people who like Glocks?


I just think there ugly to tell you the truth uglier than the rest
I’m sure they function fine


Most of it is just opinion based mind you.
For me I hate that the slid lock is ambidextrous and much wider on the 5th gen. They flared out the mag well too. Making it wider again.
There are a lot of positives too but for me I see no tangible reason to go out and buy a 5th gen for the sake of a 5th gen when my 2nd gens work the same for the most part.

In all fairness if the right deal was to come along I would buy a 5th gen to be clear.


Cool, I wss just curious if their were any issues with reliability or durability or recalls etc. To tell you the truth I dont hear much about Glock anymore.


Yeah 1980 technology. What can I say.


Well how does thst work? I still hear plenty about technology from 1911 :laughing:


Didn’t Wilson Combat just come out with a new Glock line???


That’s the word
1300-1400 I hear


I hear you. I’m not saying there’s anything from with Gen5s as I’m sure they do what they’re supposed to. But for any of those who are already vested in a Gen1-3 I don’t see the point. Parts compatibility being the main reason. The only thing that’s interchangable as far as I’m aware between Gen1-3 to Gen4 and 5 are magazines and maybe sights?

If someone is buying their first Glock the Gen5 might fit them better if they don’t want finger grooves (who does like them?), want a flared magwell, etc. But by now there are plenty of people out there, myself included (Gen3) who have bought multiple pistols whether they’re Gen1, 2 or 3. I guess the Gen4 guys should be in luck since I would think that gen would be the most compatible.


I have the gen 5. The only thing I can say is, personally, the mag release button is annoying. I guess because it is supposed to be fully ambidextrous when you push it on one side it pushes the release on the other side out so you can actually prevent the mag from releasing if you are blocking the opposite side with your grip.



Have you dropped a mag unintentionally while firing ?


I personally love the Gen 5 Glocks. Really like the 19x…
But I have XL hands… what I want is a Gen 5 G20
There is a lot of refinement in a system that works under a lot of different conditions. So it is hard to say that they need to fix something that isn’t broken. You do not see the issues with Sig in a Glock… and, many a company has tried to copy… to the point of being sued like S&W


No. But I do have problems with it not dropping when the mag is empty and I want to quickly reload. I am a fairly new shooter so I’m sure that it is just something I have to work on. And I just now thought of something I’m going to try to help with that. :grinning:


There are subtle difference in a Gen 5
I personally hate Gen 1-3 I have never bothered to even carry them in the shop. As for Gen 4 and 5, yes.
They sell, others do not.


Didnt Glock kind of copy HK? Lol


Whats your take on the Gen 5 barrel, Is it an improvement?


Well, only in striker fire. But the HK has a lot more parts. Not a fan of the new HK VP line… I can 100% strip a Glock Gen 4 slide and frame to be ready to Cerakote in under 2 minutes.
I do not even want to strip an HK…


Yes and no on the barrel. I like the old barrel, but the new barrel will shoot lead and so far has proven to be very accurate. For what I use them for and who usually buys them, I do not think it matters much. But Glock makes a good barrel. I do use Silencerco for my Glock Suppressor barrels. Zero issues. Not a Bar-Sto barrel… but still a good one.


I am embarrassed to say I have 3 generation 3 Glocks, and they have not failed, yet. So I am waiting