Glock generations


Gen 3 is probably the most widely used with the biggest aftermarket.


Good, that makes me feel better for the available parts to keep them going.


In terms of logistics(if youre a prepper) im pretty sure Glock is the best handgun option, its up there with AR15s and 10/22s in availability.


Just in durability and function in harsh environments makes it seem like a hammer, real hard for it not to work.


Have to agree… stupid simple but a work horse. They can eat a lot of debris and still work. Parts are available and you can use parts from other gens to make a function weapon.


@TickledDog did you get a solution to your mags sticking?


It was so busy at the range tonight I didn’t even think about it.


I have a Glock 34 Gen 4. I don’t have much experience with it, but I will say that it never jammed on me when it got a bit wet and muddy, and the mags got even wetter and muddier. So I was impressed with that.


They are durable. One of my 17s I have had for 16 years. Never missed a beat or had a malfunction.


I’ve only ever had one Glock, an early 17.
It only had a couple of flaws, a long extractor that had the lower part break off.
But even that didn’t keep the pistol from operating just fine.
The other problem was not being able to buy factory parts without doing their armorer certification class, of which there were exactly none in our area.
So it got traded for a 1911.
Now there’s plenty of other sources for parts, but still nothing like what’s for 1911s.
If I was to get another polymer framed striker pistol, it would be a Ruger SR.


There are so many parts available for a Glock it is nearly silly. Best part, you do not need to be trained in how to install them for the most part. Unlike the 1911. Besides for the frame, every part is available even in bulk for a Glock and they are relatively inexpensive.


They work perfectly to get people to trade in their earlier gens for 50% off, love it!!


50% off wholesale… hahhahahahahaaa


It actually seems to be more than one issue. Because it is a G43 the grip is small enough that unless you have teeny tiny hands (mine are small but not that small) you need to make sure your grip is away from the magazine when you hit the release. There is also some rubbed areas on the magazines where they seem to be a little tight in the grip well. When the magazines are completely empty is when they tend to stick. If there is the weight of one or two rounds it will drop out no problem.

So I’m getting the “hand away from the magazine” part down pretty good. Now I just need to add some weight to the base plate or make the magazines slick without being messy.


@TickledDog I thought you had a g19 like mine. Be cautious you don’t want oil or grease in the mag well.


I have both. No problems with the 19. I wasn’t going to put oil or grease in. Like I was saying slick but not messy.


We have customers who want us to Cerakote the mags and inside the grip. Nope… mag bases not a problem. But we have found that even Cerakote can interfere with smooth mag drops.


Maybe you could invent a super slick cerakote. :sunglasses:


… a Nickle finish on plastic! Hummmm. Good idea tickledDog.


They already have it . People do not want to pay