Glock generations


So have you noticed any issues with gen 4 Glock slides cracking around the front of the slide by the recoil assembly?

At this rental range they seemed to have those issues but it could be a bad batch , early production issues or a number of other things.


Nope, I sure haven’t!
I have about 2K out of my gen4 G19… zero issues even suppressed.
I will keep an eye out but I have not had this issue myself or with clients either.


Not my photo!
But the way I read it, it is at 30,000 round count. I usually retire my pistols at 10,000 but keep them.


The Gen 5 was my first Glock 17, personally I like it; however, not to crazy about the trigger. I know, I know there are some die hard Glock fans out there but I personally like the S&W 2.0 MP trigger better (talking about stock). I do want to also add, I really enjoyed the video…cheers!!


I usually take 2 pounds out of a Glock for daily carry… i like them around 5 pounds