Glocks don't need to be cleaned.





Wow! That looks like my lawnmower deck at the end of summer.


I dont understand what that spring is doing there at the locking block and if that is what is left from the trigger housing…


@Mosinvirus Yep. It looks like this spring…installed in the wrong location. :rofl:


That’s just Wrong!




So your saying Glocks are like a nylon 66?


NO… :scream:


And I thought the Glock I got off of an Armslist trade that had some cat hair in it was bad.


First off, it is not a Glock… that’s a Smith and Wesson M&P
And that… THING is the most dirty I have ever seen! Hahhahahhahahaaa


I am impressed


Well huh, so that’s what “perfection” looks like. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bet the guy that owns that don’t change his underwear till he can throw em against the wall and they stick.


It is not a Glock… it is a M&P


Point taken… twice. Was just trying to inject a little Glock humor, not lead to any butt hurt. :pleading_face:


Whatever it is it should never be allowed to get that nasty, hard for me to imagine what they put it through to get that bad. and I agree with steelpinger, it does look like the underside of a lawnmower deck.


I am hardly butt hurt. I just have this thing about identifying weapons. Hahhahhahaha


For the record, I didn’t say the picture was a Glock, the title says, Glocks don’t need to be cleaned. As in, you don’t need to clean a Glock, or so says Glock owners.