Glocks that went boom!


I love Glocks but some people either have very bad luck with ammo or are just dumb and don’t double check their reloads. Some of these in the link literally turned into a hand grenade. I am sure the glock haters will talk a lot of crap because of this but who cares. Anybody have any pictures or stories of pistols or revolvers that blew up?


Any gun can fail under the right circumstances


Yes, any handgun can fail. I’ve seen photos of steel frame revolvers blown apart/broken because of out of time cylinders or bad hand loads. That said, while I love Glocks, the .40S&W models are slightly more prone to problems with over pressure loads because of the unsupported chambers. But again, it isn’t an issue with good ammo.


Eh… By good do you mean “not critically out of spec”? cause a firearm should be able to perform even to a margin of ammo that’s out of spec, only KBing when the ammo reaches a point that is pretty far out of spec.


Because some people just don’t know how to reload/hand load… As much as I hate Glocks, they will run and run and run as long as they are being properly fed, pretty much like any other fire arm.


Whoops, Yes I do mean “not critically out of spec” when I refer to good ammo. I’ve fired “hot” .40S&W through Glocks without issue. I’ve occasionally seen some case deformation but never had a case rupture, let alone blown a gun up. Most of the stories of “spontaneous Glock explosion” are caused by horrible hand loads or using cheap reloads that were way out of spec. Of course the person who assembled the load will never admit to it and usually swears on a stack of bibles that it was “factory ammo”.


OK. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t saying ‘only run this premium $3/round ammo through your gun’.


Poor fellow that lost an index finger and thumb on the shooting hand. Wonder if they will switch to left handed or throw in the towel.

An educated guess with many years experience behind me says non-Glock parts and reloads blew the guns up.


I love my Sig for sure and will gladly tell you about it. I have shot plenty of GLOCKS. I’m not in the Glock Hater crowd but I honestly don’t prefer them. I would imagine, based on those failure pics, that’s more of a reload or aftermarket part problem


Not a glock but there was a scene on movie Deadpool. Slow-mo close up of spent case eject from desert eagle and it looked like case mouth had split. I don’t know for sure if this actually was a case failure or was an image artifact from CGI(round count fired firing pin stamps on primer). Would firing blanks cause case mouth to split?


Probably the case itself as it was a blank.


Avid reloader here,so sorry to see this!yup if you reload your margin for error is 0
Hard standard but there it is 0 the split case mouth could also be brittle from too many loadings
And yup I see the same as everyone else not gun, ammo !9 can be ticklish small cases and most pistol powders are a small charge and you could probably FIT three charges.why I always charge 50in the rack then stand up and look double check,And no I wouldn’t buy reloads unless I know the reloader is competent. I only shoot my own and I load for my wife and son so…yeah 0


Habe you seen yhe video of standard underwood blowing up a glock?


Ive shot hot handloads in an old .40 cal glock (2nd gen) and blew out the frame up by the slide right behind the trigger gaurd. I dont like Glocks in high pressure rounds outside of 9mm.