GOA asking for gun owners to call DC and oppose gun control laws.

Need phone calls opposing gun control:

Senators Need to Get Phone Calls Opposing Gun Control!

Please call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask them to transfer you to your two Senators offices. Urge them to oppose every bit of gun control — including red flag gun grabs.

They claim Soros is funding pro gun control callers, and need support for pro 2A to counter these attacks on our rights.

Give em a call if you can.


I already have


Isn’t it nice to see a gun advocacy group actually doing something? I have a question to all the NRA supporters.

WHY??? Why in the hell are you still a member?


Only to vote for change. My pro 2A , maybe $1000 a year with memberships +donations, all going elsewhere now. Oh they know it- I received personal call from the NRA - told them EXACTLY why they’ve been cut off.

We got one of our own in last election - Anthony Colandro NJ- True 2A guy!
One by one maybe we’ll change it but as I see it now…
The divide in our camp will insure a rat next election IMHO, which WILL result in a ban or worse confiscation.
Don’t stroke out - I said IMHO.


I have been a member of GOA for a long time.
But as resources have shrunk, I’ve had to decide where to spend donations.
Now, I only contribute to the Second Amendment Foundation to help with their court case expenses.
I’ve dropped membership in the NRA, at least until they clean up their corruption.