God I love Analytics

I was looking through the analytics of the TRB.FYI site yesterday and got a kick out of the returning visitors. Take a look at the last domain on the list. Makes you go Humm…


could have just been a fan using a DOJ server.


Your on “THE LIST”! @TheRogueBanshee


Could be. funny thing was that the hits on the website at the time were for 80% builds.


All my life I have been trying to get on a list. Now that I am on one… how do I get off? :slight_smile:


You might have to change your voting card to read registered Democrat. Everybody knows that when you’re a Democrat, it’s different oh, the same rules don’t apply as to the rest of the sane world


Theres an advantage of living in Montana with regards to a registered party. You are not registered to a party. You walk in and choose what Primary you are voting for and that is the ballot that you get.


I agree. I’m a fed but not with DOJ, so it wasn’t me. I don’t typically browse my favorite sites like this one on my work laptop while at work.

Anyway, I have many government coworker friends who love the shooting sports and support the 2A. One of them convinced me to get my LTC many years ago. Another convinced me to get my M1 Garand and Winchester Model 12. And yet another convinced me to build my first AR. Most of us rank and file types are just regular folks like the rest of America trying to make a living while serving our country. A large number of us enjoy shooting, hunting, collecting, building, etc.

I’ve worked with DOJ folks before. Most of those guys work their butts off, often pulling all-nighters while getting ready for trial. Sometimes they need a bit of a respite, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it were a fan who likes full30’s gun videos and forum.



Funny you hear about Law Enforcement supports citizens rights to keep and bear arms.

Hold on!!! DOJ is Lawyers…
You know those guys that plea bargain criminals so they don’t have to do THERE F’IN JOBS.
They may need to actually go to court and chance losing a case.
That would really hurt their win loss record and bruise their precious egos…
God Forbid the criminals get the actual justice they deserve.

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