Going mainstream


Just a couple of ideas to get this place rolling.

  1. Just one login for video/ forum.
  2. Instead of a firearms site, call it an open conservative site or something. Open to camping, over landing, backyard scientist, politics…
  3. Notify YouTube providers that there is an up and coming video streaming provider that will not silence free speech.
    I would be happy to send out emails to say” post you video on YouTube and here.” YouTube won’t last forever.

Just a few ideas…



Also consider a partnership with MeWe for the “Forum” that functions more like Facebook


More ideas:

  1. add a pay to get rid of ads option
  2. get a better CDN setup, currently videos hang but ads play smooth
  3. don’t automatically subscribe new users to all spam lists, full 30 emails are now automatically makred as spam in my inbox
  4. allow more broad content, social media got popular because we didn’t need to follow 20 different platforms in order to get content we like, everyone going independent is all good except I can’t pay for 20 $5 subscriptions or patreon accounts for everyone I like,. so It’d be great if there was a pro-freedom platform where people can make money for their content and it doesn’t suck from tech and UI perspective