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Good afternoon people, I found this web site and forum while fun surfing for 45/70 videos. I clicked into the HICKOK45 video and followed the link. This looks like a nice place to talk to fellow reloaders. I’m not really a hunter but have been re-loading for handgun since 1985. I am a 357 magnum fan. I have melted and poured more lead then I could ever remember. My favorite past time is spent with a SS GP100 6” plinking reactive targets. It could take a couple hours to shoot 12 rounds due to the coffee breaks but I’m okay with that.




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Welcome to the forum Brother!!!


Great to see you found us!


Good to have you at the forum!


Welcome to the Full30 Forum, ROLLCRIMP.

Nice choice in handguns! I have that one, too, and love it.

I am also a big fan of .45-70’s (and have the Marlin 1895’s for that).


Welcome to full30!




Welcome to Full30 Brother.


Welcome to the Full30. Glad to have another 45-70 fan.


Welcome to Full30 forum @ROLLCRIMP Good to have you here. We have a growing reloading section. Please feel free to share your experience with us.

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We have many hand loaders and revolver fans (including myself). Welcome!


Welcome to the Forum!


Welcome from AZ !