good explanation by Phil Robertson on why we need the wall!



Phil Robertson for President!!


Like Phil says, “it’s just common sense…” The utter simplicity escapes a huge number of our legitimate population.


Unfortunately, common sense is no longer common. Schools no longer teach kids how to think.


^ This too and most importantly.


That is also very true.


I just donated $80 to send a message.


Thats a great sentiment/effort


does the article address the bureaucracy of getting the funds to the project?

We can have all the money in an account now, for that matter supplies and labor, but if TPTB don’t want it built…


If this article doesn’t, others do. I read a number of things about this, so I don’t remember which one says what at the moment. For me, the real questions are who currently gets your tax money, what about that bureaucracy, and what actual representation do we have? GoFundMe can’t be much WORSE.


I’ll leave this here.

The federal budget is enormous – more than $4 trillion each year, of which roughly $1 trillion is discretionary. It is Congress’s job to authorize programs and appropriate funds for them from this $1 trillion.

However, the budget categories under which programs are authorized and funds are appropriated are very broad, and since Congress doesn’t pass specific language about every last dollar’s use, discretionary funds are inevitably used for things that Congress never specifically funds.

This is how the executive branch often gets the money it needs to do things that Congress won’t formally authorize. It finds money that has been either broadly appropriated or appropriated to a program that is expired and redirects it to a related program or purpose of its choosing.




It is so simple and yet, the politicians (especially the democrats), argue over it - why???

Sometimes, simple really is the best. Phil Robertson described it simply and quite accurately.


The wall is currently named the Trump Wall, but I am old enough to remember several previous administrations trying to grapple with security of our Southern Border. This not a new issue, even the previous Democratic administrations have said a wall should be built but it has never been so defiled publicly. Trump has helped this issue to be recognized as needed and has been needed before. Campaign speeches helped the issue of border security become more obvious and just a common sense response is a simple solution: Build the damn Wall.