Good glass makes a difference


Good glass does save on eye fatigue. I’ve used cheap binoculars that I wasn’t afraid to lose or get stolen out of the truck, and after hours upon hours of glassing, cheap distorted lenses can take a toll on the eyes including giving you a massive headache. So some advice to those new to shooting and hunting, get the best you can afford & your eyes will thank you later.

These have a built in range finder, means 1 less thing to carry in with you


When it comes to optics, you get what you pay for. Far too often you end up spending more buying cheap stuff because you replace it.


@Tactical_Reviews is correct and I would also like to mention the spotting scope world has two factions in it. 1. Target shooting and 2. Bird watching. I know, I know I will get hell for this, but a Kowa will flat out put a Swarovski to shame at the range, and it did in front of a Swarovski rep during a F class TR match! This one is a Kowa TSN-883 with the 25-60x. Wide eye piece. 2nd to none in color clarity, and that is important shooting holes in a black bulls eye.

keep in mind that I had to take pictures through the scope with the phone! the Kowa set up was $1,500.00 less that the Swarovski.


My biggest peeve is a guy buys a $800 or more rifle and puts a $200 scope on it…blows my mind…spend equal money for good glass…


I agree! Almost every scope I own was more expensive than the gun


On my BMG, 1/3 the cost is in the optic.