Good hunting handguns under $750

I’m asking for a handgun for Christmas, something that I plan to take hunting as I don’t want to drag my 9lb Mosin up the twelve mile hike into my buddies hunting spot and quite frankly a 7.62x54r is a bit of over kill for deer. My parents have asked for suggestions and I am currently looking over gunbroker and a few other websites. I’m personally thinking a Glock 32 in 357 sig or a wheel gun in 357 magnum. Any other suggestions?

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I suppose if you prefer polymer or steel would be a good place to start? My suggestions are below, though I am not an expert and these are just my choices and I also didn’t pick anything expensive. I would like to throw in a wild card, I recently bought a Star BM surplus pistol and love it to death. Very accurate and very fun to shoot, and it was only a cool $250 from J&G Sales.

CZ 75
Walther PPQ M2 edit The PPQ has the best trigger on a pistol I’ve ever used personally.

RIA 1911
Any .357 mag or .44 mag revolver

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I’ve been looking at the M&P 45 so that or the RIA is probably what I’ll go with. Possibly with a 460 rowland conversion.

I really liked the M&P–before I fired it. I was disappointed in the grip and trigger. :frowning: I know its a solid and quality piece, I just didn’t like how it felt.

The RIA 1911 though is something I want to do, and also like you do the 460 conversion as well. Pretty good bang for your buck (pun intended). :slight_smile: I might suggest checking out the PPQ in .45 ACP, its sweetness.

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I’m not a Walther fan. I’m still trying to stay away from a 9mm because my state has a 350ftlb requirement and I like cast bullets so I need something at least 40 S&W. I like the RIA 1911 however.

I got a glock 40 10mm mos. Buffalo bore rounds well over 650, good hunting pistol. I use vortex venom, or tru glo fiber optic sights.

With a $750 limit, you pretty much leave out the higher power revolvers. So, Ruger’s GP100 with a six inch barrel (can be had with either a 6 shot, or 7 shot, capacity), would be my top choice. You could use Buffalo Bore rounds to get higher energy levels (perhaps as much as 800 foot pounds at the muzzle), which should be able to bring down a deer at close range, for example. Weight of the gun (empty), would be around 48 ounces. Also, check out BudsGunShopOnline for buyers’ reviews and prices. Good luck.

How about a revolver and/or levergun in 44 magnum? Each is quite light and should have enough oompf to bring down large critters that do not like you. Before you say it is overkill, you can lower the charge to 44 special level.

45LC also has possibilities.

I’m looking at the 44 Special Blackhawk, RIA 10mm and a 41 mag Blackhawk. Thanks for the advice but I’ve narrowed my search already.