Good movies/television shows on the American Revolution

What are some other decent movies/tv shows on this period?

What issues do you have with these movies/shows?


" on the American Revolution"

LOL, I thought that was a new network



This was and is my favorite rev war person, since the 6th grade. Most of you win not have seen it, since its from the late 50s. It and Davey Crockett set off a craze for rev war stuff.
Sure was a good time to be a kid.

If you do not know the story of Johnny Tremain -10 patriot points to each of you.


My wife is a 5th grade teacher and uses this book every year for a history and reading course.


Never heard of it, will see if I can find it though.

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Johnny Tremain was Paul Reveres’ Silver Smith apprentice.
A kettle of molten metal was poured onto his right hand, burning his hand to the point his fingers were fused together like a mitten.
He begged the doctor to cut his trigger finger loose, so he could fire a rifle, and defend the colonies.
I read this book in the 5th grade. I would not be the patriot I am today, if this vision was not impressed in me at a young age.
Bravo to you Mrs Robert, Today they would say he was a raciest, tho Paul and Him owned no slaves.

Everyone here should read the book. If your young and have not got to a 5th grade reading level, then watch the movie.
(which is not historically correct)


Might try the book , movies usually water the story down.

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