Good Old S&W Booth at the Gathering 2022

I don’t spend a lot of time checking out S&W auto loaders, usually focused on the revolvers. But at The Gathering, I did get to play with a couple that were kinds cool. What do you think of first when you hear S&W, auto loaders or revolvers?


Smith makes auto loaders?


who would have thought, right? i was sorta liking that 10mm then after getting back from this event i learn that the M&Ps are having iesues firing out of battery… so guess they make em, just don’t make em very well. LOL


I’m gonna say, that could be a problem. :grimacing:


solution? buy a revolver


Good solution, S&W 500 please. :grinning:


I have a 3rd generation SW 3913 single stack. Those 3rd gens are pretty reliable and awesome in their own way. It’s a shame S&W doesn’t make mags for the 3913 anymore.

I also just got a Shield Plus a few months ago. I’m really impressed with the Shield Plus. While it’s a striker fired trigger, the trigger is fantastic. Not quite as good as a 1911 trigger, but much better than my Glock’s trigger. I also shot my friend’s P365, and while I think the P365 has a decent trigger, I still think the Shield Plus trigger is better in my opinion.

Recoil on the Shield Plus is also comparably mild considering it’s small size. The P365 had more muzzle flip and felt a tad bit snappy in the hand, which is to be expected with such a small gun. But the Plus has no snappiness to it. Not sure how S&W was able to do that and am also not sure if that’s how the older Shields are since I’ve never shot one of those.

Anyway, I’m really impressed with the Plus. I guess time will tell if it remains reliable in the long run.


Having only 2 S&W semi auto’s,
Older M&P .22 +
Original Shield 9 single stack.
I’ve found both to be good and reliable weapons after a short break in period.
The new 10 mm interests me but still in a “need not want” mode.