Good parts from Willy the Kids Intro thread


Got the red dot on it already for tomorrow’s range day.

So, I’m William, umm... hi

1st gen or second gen?


What red dot did you go with?


Think we need to change this site’s name from Full 30 to Full Florida!


How can I tell?

Took the TRS-25 off of the AR for now. I’m planning on buying at least another one of them for the PCC and something else for the AR.


the Barrel cuts and sights are telling. Different trigger packs as well.
I own a gen 1.


Hmmmmm… Time to check the internets further.


Read the Minnesota state constitution.
I think 99% would be surprised.



99% happily surprised, or sadly?


Happy. No one knows if you have a firearm. The sheriff of your county can grant you a CCL, he can guess that you have a firearm.
Let’s say the government is investigating you and wants to know what you have, or don’t have.
An investigator will communicate with NICS and see if your name was ever called in for a pass,fail, delay. If they get a pass on your name they see if it’s you or some one else, most likely running a credit check and conecting the dots. All NICS has is a serial number. Now the investors have to check with all the manufacturers to see if they made that number. Then they can see what you had purchased at that time.
This is all after a long period of time and in some/ most cases will require a judge to sign off on it.
In other words Minnesota is a non registered state for firearms.


Interesting, switchpod.

What about when private citizens sell their firearms - what kind of record keeping is done for that?


Is like alabama. No records of sales. Private sales are just that…private.


Welcome to the Forum Brother.






Not a fan, California needs the tree of liberty treatment.


is it true that once you get outside of the major cities, you reach a more pro-gun crowd?


John, California is red outside of the immediate coast. Observe.


thank you, Mister_Torgue.


Also note, the San Diego area can be in the middle leaning red. Its the one place in CA on the coast if I had to live there I’d choose.